SimPark Stainless steel Movers

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Product no.: SP.03STD

Electric actuation of the drive rollers

The Easymatic-E is the full automatic version of SimPark®

De Easymatic-E uses two strong electric actuators which has been tested for many times.The two actuators presses the drive rollers simultaneously to the tyres. 
In 12 seconds both drive rollers will be pressed on the tyres, physical force is not required. 

The actuators were subject to a Durability test of 3000 cycles.
The results of this test has proven that the wear of the moving parts is negligible. The reliability and robustness of the SimPark mover is thus hereby underlined. The actuators are activated by means of a remote which is also the command to manoeuvre the caravan.

In the event of an electrical failure, it is possible to retrac the drive rollers by means of the supplied socket screw driver. 



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