Sencell Lithium Prismatic Battery 100Ah

Product no.: SP.03.078.100

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Technical data

Battery type: LiFeP04 Prismatic technology

Capacity: 12.8 volt 100 Ah.

Nominal current draw: 150 Amp.

Maximum current peak : 250 Amp.

Weight : 11,7 kilogram

Dimensions: L=330 mm * W=17 mm * H=180 mm

Maximum charge voltage: 14,6 Volt

Maximum charge current : 60 Amp.

Lifespan: 1500 cycle

Warranty : 24 months



BMS protected against                       : Too high charge current and voltage

                                                                Too high current 

                                                                Too high cell temperature

                                                                Too low voltage



*Charging by Solar panel or car possible

*Suitable for 12 volt on board systems without special adaptations

*Chargeable with standard charger

*EN 62133 - UN 38.3 norm





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