The solution
SimPark is a well known brand and active in the field of movers, private and the professional market. We provide for parking or moving a caravan or trailer, the simplest solution. The SimPark mover is  only mover whose parts are made from stainless steel 

As an additional safety feature, the SimPark Easymatic mover has an unique safety feature which makes driving away with the drive rollers pressed down on the tyres impossible. Once you plug in the caravan connector into the socket of the Tow hook, the drive rollers will automatically disengage from the tyres. The SimPark is partly due to this option, the safest mover on the market.

Power and efficiency
Our standard mover is suitable for caravans and trailers up to 2200 kg.
This to indicate that the two most powerful electric motors in combination with the advanced electronic Controller can carry out their work easy and smoothly.
For professional applications we have the XHD version which can move a maximum weight of 3300 kg. on a solid pavement

The drive rollers are made of Dural aluminium of the highest quality and hardness.
The special profile ensures that dirt is pushed out of the profile.
So you are always guaranteed to have a maximum grip on the tyres.
Wet grass, potholes, loose sand, or drive ways, the SimPark mover feels at home in every field. 

Convenient operation

The slow start / slow stop feature (start and stop without judder) is primarily developed to gradually transfer the forces which the mover generates, to the chassis of your caravan. Bending of the caravan chassis is hereby limited to a minimum. It is also very comfortable manoeuvring the caravan smoothly so that porcelain and other goods remains in place. Also can the caravan or trailer be moved up to the millimetre accuracy which makes it easy to hook up without the risk damaging the rear bumper of your vehicle. For the most popular caravan chassis, we have mounting plates in stock to install the mover without drilling or welding.